Orefelt Associates is a design practice, which provides a high quality service from conception to completion. 

Orefelt Associates has experience in integrating the skilled use of contemporary urban design with the craft of quality building design and construction. The practice’s portfolio of completed work shows their expertise in providing imaginative solutions for intricate infill sites in sensitive areas. Characteristic of each project is the means of complementing the historical urban patterns found at the site and enhancing and accentuating features of the existing urban context.

The design approach is one that includes detailed project analysis with the creative interpretation of the project brief. A thorough understanding of the client’s intentions and desires is developed early on in the design process. The project is explored through different media and presentation techniques to easily convey to clients the design intentions.

The practice has experience in sensitive treatment of historical buildings, and of the procedures in obtaining listed building consent. The design is always responsive to the character of the existing building and integrates a modern intervention with the historical counterpart.

A diverse portfolio of completed projects reflects a wide ranging client base and a commitment to fulfilling the individual demands of each project. The practice’s flexible approach enables the practice to be invited to take on sites in diverse locations around the world for clients from different backgrounds with a diverse range of building needs. The practice has projects built in USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sweden, and France.